Sailor Moon Screensaver

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The characters from Sailor Moon protect your monitor in this screensaver.

The "otaku" culture has more and more followers worldwide. And that's because it offers both the Japanese manga and anime to conquer all audiences, from children to adults, and mainly young audiences. For who hasn't enjoyed or at least have heard of the big names in this world, like Mazinger Z, Saint Seiya, Ranma 1/2, Doraemon, Shin-chan, Dragon Ball and Sailor Moon? And it is precisely this last series that's offering an interesting proposal for your computers. This is Sailor Moon Screensaver.

Sailor Moon Screensaver is a colourful and eye-catching screensaver for your computer, inspired by the popular "Magical Girls" genre entitled Bishoujo Senshi (Pretty Guardian) Sailor Moon. To the layman on the subject, Sailor Moon is best known for the work of the renowned manga artist Naoko Takeuchi, who is famous in print and consequently enjoyed a subsequent adaptation to the small screen of his work. The story centres on a group of young Japanese students who, through special powers, become brave warriors dressed in outfits reminiscent of the typical school uniform, fighting the forces of evil.

In this Sailor Moon Screensaver, you can delight yourself with images of Sailor Moon, which shows the main characters, like Usagi "Bunny" Tsukino, Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Sailor Jupiter, Sailor Venus or Chibi Usa, among other characters in the series.

If you also are big fans of the "otaku" scene in general and the work of Takeuchi-sensei in particular, you can't pass up the opportunity to download this Sailor Moon Screensaver for your computer. It's free and you'll love it!


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